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Fore Royal, Gorley Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3LD  (UK)

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About Us

MPA Development Ltd

Company number 04460479

Registered office address: Fore Royal, Gorley Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3LD

The Company derived from Section 3A ofthe Act, the Company has power to do all or any ofthe following things:

(A) To acquire and take over any businesses or undertakings carried on upon, or in connection with, any land or building which the Company may have acquired or desire or
propose to acquire and to carry on or dispose of, remove or put to an end, any such business or otherwise deal with it as may seem expedient.

(B) To carry on any other business which may seem to the Company capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with the above objects, or calculated directly or
indirectly to enhance the value of or render more profitable any of the Company's property or assets.

(C) To purchase or by any other means acquire any freehold, leasehold, or other property or any estate or interest whatever and any rights, privileges or easements over or in respect of any property and buildings, offices, factories, mills, works, wharves, roads, railways, tramways, machinery, engines, rolling stock, vehicles, plant, live and dead stock, barges, vessels or things and any forrn of real or personal property or rights which may be necessary for, or may be conveniently used with, or may enhance the value of any other property of the Company.

(D) To bui Id, construct, maintain, alter, enlarge, pull down, and remove or replace any buildings, offices, factories, mills, works, wharves, roads, railways, tramways, machinery, engines, walls, fences, banks, dams, sluices or watercourses and to clear sites for the same, or to join with any perso n, firm or company in doing any ofthese things and to work, manage and control these or join with others in so doing.

(E) To apply for, register, purchase or by other means acquire and protect, prolong and renew, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, any patents patent rights, brevets d'invention, licenses, trade marks, designs, protections and concessions which may appear likely to be advantageous or useful to the Company and to use and turn to account and to manufacture under or grant licenses o~ privileges in respect of the same and to expend money in experimenting upon and testing and in improving or seeking to improve any patents, inventions or rights which the Company may acquire or propose to acquire.

(F) To acquire the whole or any part ofthe business, goodwil! and assets of any person, firm or company carrying on or proposing to carry on any of the businesses which this
Company is authorised to carry on and as part of the consideration for such acquisitions to accept al! or any of the liabilities of such person, firrn or company or to acquire an interest in, amalgamate with, or enter into partnership or into any arrangement for sharing profits or for co-operation or for limiting competition or for mutuaI assistance with any such person, firrn or company and to give or accept by way of consideration for any ofthese acts or things or property acquired, any Shares, Debentures, Stock or securities that may be agreed upon and to hold and retain, sel!, mortgage and deal with any Shares, Debentures, Debenture Stock or securities so received.

(G) To improve, manage, cultivate, develop, exchange, let on lease or otherwise, mortgage, charge, sell, dispose of, turn to account, grant rights and privileges in respect
of, or otherwise deal with, ali or any part ofthe property or rights ofthe Company.

(H) To invest and deal with the monies ofthe Company not immediately required in such shares or upon such securities and in such manner as may from time to time be

(I) To lend and advance money or give credit to any company, firm or person and to give ali kinds of indemnities and either with or without the Company receiving any
consideration or advantage, direct or indirect, for giving any such guarantee, to guarantee either by personal covenant or by mortgaging or charging ali or any part of the
undertaking, property and assets, present and future, and uncalled capita! ofthe Company, or by both such methods, the performance of the obligations and the payment of the capitaI or principa! (together with any premiums) of, and the dividends or interest on, any debenture stock, shares or other securi~ies of any company, firm or person and in particular (but without limiting the generality of the foregoing) of any company which is for the time being the Company's holding company as defined by Section 736 of the Companies Act 1985, or a subsidiary as defined by the said Section of the Act or otherwise associated with the Company in business.

(J) T o borrow or raise money in such manner as the Company shall think fit and in particular by the issue of Debentures or Debenture Stock (perpetuaI or otherwise) and to
secure the repayment of any money borrowed, raised, or owing, by mortgage, charge or lien upon the whole or any part ofthe Company's property or assets (whether present or future) including its uncalled capitaI and also by a similar mortgage, charge or lien to secure and guarantee the performance by the Company of any obligation or liability that it may undertake.

(K) To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills oftrading, warrants, debentures and other negotiable or transferable instruments.

(L) To apply for, promote and obtain any Act ofParliarnent, Provisional Order, or License ofthe Board ofTrade, or other authority for enabling the Company to carry any of its
objects into effect or for effecting any'modification ofthe Company's constitution or for any other purpose which may seem expedient and to oppose any proceedings or
applications which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to the prejudice of the Company's interests.

(M) To enter into any arrangements with any Govemments or authorities (supreme, municipal, loeal or otherwise) or any companies, firms or persons that may seem
eonducive to the attainment ofthe Company's objeets or any ofthem and to obtain from any sueh Govemment, authority, eompany, firm or person any charters, contraets, deerees, rights, privileges and concessions which the Company may think desirable and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such charters, contracts, decrees, rights, privileges and concessions.

(N) To subscribe for, take, purchase or otherwise acquire and hold shares or other interests in, or securities of, any other company whether or not having objects altogether or in part simi1ar to those of this Company or carrying on any business capable of being carri ed on so as directly or indirectly to benefit this Company.

(O) Io act as agents or brokers and as trustees for any person, firm or company and to undertake and perform sub-contracts and also to act in any of the businesses of the
Company through or by means of agents, brokers, sub-contractors or others.

(P) Io remunerate any person, firm or company rendering services to this Company, either by cash payment or by the allotment to him or them of shares or securities of the
Company credited as paid up in full or in part or otherwise as may be thought expedient.

(Q) Io pay all or any expenses incurred in connection with the promotion, formation and incorporation of the Company or to contract with any person, firm or company to pay the same and to pay commissions to brokers and others for underwriting, placing, seUing or guaranteeing the subscription of any Shares, Debenture Stock or securities of this

(R) Io support and subscribe to any charitable or public objects and any institution, society or club which may be for the benefit of the Company or its employees or any such
other company or person as mentioned below or may be connected with any town or piace where the Company carries on business; to give or award pensions, annuities, gratuities and superannuation or other allowances or benefits or charitable aid to any persons who are or have been Directors or Officers of, or who are or have been employed by, or who are serving or have served, the Company or any company which is a subsidiary of the Company or is allied or associated in business with the Company or with any such subsidiary company or any business acquired by the Company and to the wives, windows, children and other relatives and dependents of such persons; to make payment towards insurance and to set up, establish, support and maintain superannuation and other funds or schemes (whether contributory or non-contributory) for the benefit of any such persons and of their wives, widows, children and other relatives and dependents.

(S) Io promote any other company for the purpose of acquiring the whole or any part of the business or property and undertaking any of the liabilities of this Company or of
undertaking any business or operations which may appear likely to assist or benefit this Company or to enhance the value of any property or business of this Company and to
pIace or guarantee the placing of, underwrite, subscribe for, or otherwise acquire, all or any part of the shares or securities of any such company.

(I) Io sel! or otherwise dispose of the whole or any part of the business or property of the Company, either together or in portions, for such consideration as the Company may think fit and in particular for shares, debentures or securities of any company purchasing the same.

(U) Io distribute among Members of the Company in kind any property of the Company and in particular any shares, debentures or securities of any other company belonging to this Company or of which this Company may have the power of disposing.

(V) Io procure the Company to be registered in any part of the world.

(W) Io do al! such other things as may be deemed incidental or conduci ve to the attainments of the above objects or any of them.



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